We aim to lead and guide beginners into sadhana or structured yoga practice, as recommended by RIMYI, Pune. We take in 10 to 15 students at a time, who can attend classes either once or twice a week. On the rest of the days, they are encouraged to recall what was taught in class and practise on their own. This way, they will grasp the names of asanas and instructions and can go on to adopt a self-practice, rather than always depend on a guided one.

Sequences are often modified for learners with lifestyle issues such as backache, knee pain, stiff shoulder, etc. They are made to attempt asanas safely, using RIMYI standard-issue props as and when required.

Limited numbers in each batch ensure that everyone gets the trainer’s attention who can therefore correct or assist them at every step. All the sessions are meticulously planned so that a balanced and progressive group of poses is covered. The last class of the month is devoted to the understanding and practice of pranayama.

For group admissions, or one-on-one sessions, call or text @ +91 96119 81333